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  • Article written by one of our members in 2016:
  • "Poltu" - the name itself has been an inspiration for many by now including all of us who were engaged in different capacity in this journey for about last 18 to 20 months. It was exactly a year back, on 3rd January 2015 morning, when we all were anxiously waiting for the completion of a very critical, complex and major operation conducted by a group of expert doctors of BGS Global Hospital, Led by Dr. Anand Subramanyan. The successful HEART Transplantation was a life changing event for not only Poltu & his family, but also all of us who took this challenge inspired by the ideology and spirit of Thakur Sri Ramakrishna, Maa Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda led by my friend Partha Adhikari. Today we have come across an eventful year, with challenging & critical moments as well as very inspiring, motivating, happy and pleasant occasions reaching & overcoming one after another milestone. Poltu is a completely transformed personality now who ably supported by his wife Basanti is leading & motivating us every day leading from the front. Basanti has been a powerful support in every occasion with her determination, care, calmness and extremely strong mental framework. She has been at the receiving end for more than 5 years when Poltu was suffering from Heart disease and shown a never-give up willingness even when it was told that only option to save Poltu's life is to have Heart Transplantation. It was a long struggle to get Poltu undergo the medical treatment and be prepared for such a critical operation of heart transplantation from June to November 2014. Then it was a period of waiting & praying for a donor heart, which by God's grace was not a long wait. 1st January of each year is celebrated as Kalpataru Day with great joy by devotees of Sri Ramakrishna all over the world because it was on 1.1.1886 that the Great Master made public his divinity and blessed all assembled at Cossipore Garden ground, declaring "Tomaader Chaitanya hok" "may you be spiritually illimined". That day he revealed himself as the Kalpataru, the divine wish-fulfilling tree that grants boons to all without any distinction. And on 1st January 2015, we got the best news from the doctors about the potential match of a donor heart. Poltu was hospitalized on 2nd January and was being prepared for the transplantation. Our sincere thanks to the Family of the Noble Donor, who amidst the toughest & sad situation of losing a young life, decided to dedicate his organs for supporting other life. We spent entire night preparing and counting down the time. Finally on 3rd January early morning the Donor Heart reached to BGS Hospital among very high media & TV coverage. Thanks to Bangalore Traffic Police for making it a smooth journey providing signal free green corridor in the road. The operation started at around 10 AM on 3rd January and lasted for almost 4 hours. It was a moment of joy for everyone including the medical staff, doctors and all who contributed to this cause when Poltu was gifted with the Donor Heart successfully under the supervision of team of expert doctors at BGS Global Hospital. This event was highly broadcasted as a successful Organ Donation and Live Transportation of Heart under the guidance of Bangalore traffic police through Green corridor. A series of media coverage since 4th January (links below) reveal that the story of getting second life to Poltu Bera and associated campaign touched people's heart. However, every moment post operation was life threatening and Poltu sailed through all obstacles. There were some major crisis within 2 days, but effort from all concerned proved too strong for any casualty. After going through series of treatment, medication and examinations finally Poltu was released from Hospital on 21st January. He attended a press conference at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore organized by BGS Global Hospital on 20th January. Since then it started another tough challenge for all of us to sustain the expenses & tough challenge Post Heart Transplantation. We kept them in a nearby rented place close enough to the hospital for reasons. We are so proud for Poltu who has shown tremendous courage & character to go through this tough process. Many thanks to Reena Raju and her Foundation “Light a Life” who not only supported with financial help, arranging medicines at a lower cost but also preparing Poltu & his wife physically & mentally to go through this tough journey thoughout their life. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Anand who has been the strongest pillar of support, guidance, treatment and in fact everything for Poltu. We also sincerely convey our thanks & gratitude to not only Dr. Anand, but the entire team of Expert doctors, nurses, medical & non-medical staff members of BGS Global hospital. Last but not the least, our heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to all well wishers who directly & indirectly participated, contributed and supported this noble cause pre & post transplantation. We are so grateful to them all over the world whose financial support & contribution made it possible. Poltu was made ready to resume light work by July 2015. The volunteer team led by Partha started the job hunt for both Poltu & Basanti. It was not easy considering Poltu can't take up physically and mentally challenging work, he should not get exposed to any harmful chemical substances, our society treats that Poltu is a patient although he is fit enough, both of them have to work in close vicinity. Going back to village is ruled out as they were needed to be in Bangalore for continued treatment and earning in his village will not be of any sustainable amount. Finally, it was divine bliss that he got a job of security guard in Vivekananda Ashrama (RKM), Ulsoor from mid of July 2015. We shifted them close to the workplace. Today Poltu is spending more than 12 hours on his duty - which reflects that he become a normal man with physical and mental strength. Basanti also started working and earning for their own as a cook. Now they are planning to bring their daughter back from Village who is with her grandparents there. Although Poltu is still financially supported & guided, but we are confident that Poltu & his family will be victorious throughout their life. It's only the start of the long journey for Poltu, Basanti & their family and for all of us. We pray for their wellness, prosperity & happiness in their life and of course the support from each one of you will make this happen. Jai Thakur-Maa-Swamiji.

  • 1st green corridor exercised by BTP for this transplantation:
  • Here's the Video on 3rd Jan 2015 when the Live Heart was transported for our Poltu Bera, from MSR Ramaiah Hospital.

    Ongoing Campaign:

    The unpredictability of life baffles each one of us at some point in time. And, when these baffling incidents stare at us like a life threat, things become more complex and hassled. It was life amid hardship for Palash Das, a 28 years old youth, a daily labourer from Panchtubi village, PS Pingla, West Bengal, until he was diagnosed with kidney ailment. Such was the condition that he was advised for dialysis and then kidney transplantation for his survival. This shook his small world miserably. While tears rolled down, anxiety puffed up, friends and family looked for divine intervention to save him. The financial crisis, on the other hand, was a humongous hurdle for him to handle.


    Palash has had a blockage in the urinary tract since he was 10 years old. Almost 5 years back, he underwent small surgery and was advised a Kidney Transplantation in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore. But due to their finances, it was postponed with some medication. Last one year, his health deteriorated causing severe breathlessness, weakness, and difficulty in passing urine. It is when the doctors saw no other option than a kidney transplant to save his life. And his father came forward for the same and decided to donate one of his kidneys to save his son. The transplantation will now take place in JIPMER, Puducherry. Palash, along with his father will now have to stay in Puducherry, undergo dialysis over 12 months before transplantation. There are some tests which will be done aboard. After transplantation also he has to be in Puducherry and adhere to strict precautions for another 6 months for a better recovery.


    According to Swami Vivekananda, man is potentially Divine, so, service to man is indeed service to God. We earnestly request you to donate for Palash Das and help him fight this crucial battle of his life. We are furnishing all the possible details about him here below. Please do have a look, and be a part of this compassionate endeavor, and show your benevolence with any little help you can. We would appreciate each and every gesture with a prayer for you and your family's well-being. Needless to say, utilizing this opportunity, we can practice consciously unselfish work. The donor has more lasting benefit than done.


    Palash Das has a father and three brothers in his family. They are daily labourers, from which they are somehow able to manage their daily life. He was referred through one of our core members. Back in Bangalore, this situation has deeply motivated our team. Inspired by Swami Vivekananda's ideal and we decided to put our best effort to support this family till Palash gets back on his feet again. The amount collected will be transferred in parts according to the need of the situation. The approximate budget estimation is around 4.5 Lakhs INR that includes logistics, investigation, and post-operative expenses.


    We have started campaigning not many days back and do not have a lot of time to collect the funds for his treatment. We request you to kindly drop the offering in the bank account given below, and also shoot an email to the specific id. Heartfelt gratitude in advance!!

    "Service to man is service to God." - Swami Vivekananda