Who We Are

"Sevabrata" - Dedicated to serve others. The name and the motto of the organisation entwined. This apolitical and non-profit social organisation is conceived by a few like-minded volunteers, who believe in working in the spirit of service as proclaimed by Swami Vivekananda. Sevabrata aims to extend a helping hand for all those who look for medical guidance and all the financial assistance, logistics, and psychological support related to it. The success of our activities has inspired us to form an organization to be able to serve all who seek our support in their hours of need.

We understand that there is a huge need for medical assistance in rural areas of our country. Especially for people who are financially strained, getting adequate access to medical facilities is at times difficult, if not impossible. The ignorance of the people also adds to their woes. The key problem areas related to medical ecosystem in our country, particularly in rural areas are:

While we understand that we cannot hold every hand in need, but within our possibilities, we have pledged to reach out to people as much as we can. This selfless endeavour to help people particularly in need of medical assistance is driven by the urge to give back to society in our simple ways.

Sevabrata Foundation, a registered NGO, was born from the conviction that we should aim to address the huge gap between demand versus accessibility to high quality critical medical care for thousands of underprivileged rural and semi-rural families. At Sevabrata, we are a group of people from diverse backgrounds, and from all over the world, with a single purpose to help bridge the healthcare affordability gap for the poor every step of the way.

"Service to man is service to God." - Swami Vivekananda